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Why Industrial Caster Bearings Can Burn and Solutions

We know that no matter what you do or what you use, you can't go too far. Everything has a degree. If it exceeds that degree, it will bring unnecessary troubles. The extreme problems will be reversed! The same problem will be encountered on industrial casters. , Industrial caster bearing burn causes and solutions. Recently, some netizens reported that the caster will suffer bearing burns after being used for a period of time. The so-called bearing burn means that the raceway wheels, rolling elements, and cage of the bearing rapidly heat up during rotation until discoloration, softening, welding, and breakage. The bearing is of great significance to the caster. The degree of burn has a direct impact on the service life of the caster. If you want to maintain the good use of the caster, the majority of users must pay attention to the protection of the bearing during the use of the caster. Suzhou Bosheng Castors summarized several possible causes of bearing burns, and proposed treatment methods in the hope of helping our customers. Possible causes of caster bearing burn due to casters Excessive load (preload too large) 2. The play is too small. Running speed is too large 4. Axis, bearing box, poor accuracy, shaft deflection 5. Poor lubrication of the bearings may result in the use of irregular lubricants. Too much or too little lubricant is not correct. Therefore, we must pay attention to related matters when using products, and we cannot use them all the time.

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